April 15, 2016 in News, Tour

We’re Back!


Lowlight and The Paper Jets || Photo courtesy of Amanda Guthrie

The Paper Jets made their unofficial return to the stage on Monday April 11th with a surprise 10-song set at Asbury Park’s famous Wonder Bar. Opening for scene favorites Lowlight, The band rose to the occasion, showcasing set list staples like “Set of Rules” alongside a smattering of songs slated for their forthcoming full-length, Everyday Forever.

In addition to new material, the group introduced its audience to bassist Scott Austin Miller who has replaced sub-60 Hz stalwart Scottie Maloney in the lineup.

All this was of course in preparation for the group’s official Welcome Back show on May 7th at New Brunswick’s Court Tavern.

Show Review from Speak Into My Good Eye

Photos courtesy of Cool Dad Music’s Jim Appio

Photos courtesy of Jeff Crespi

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