December 31, 2018 in News, Press, Releases

Everyday Forever Named Top Record of the Year

You Don’t Know Jersey has named Everyday Forever one of its top NJ albums of 2018 saying “From the brilliant danceable power pop of “Say I Can” to the slow burn of “My Gemini Heart” to the punk infused “Go On Go On” the album is the band at the top of their game.” Read the

December 20, 2018 in News

Brian Wins Vocalist of the Year

For 20 of the past 30 years, The Aquarian Weekly (the very first publication to write anything about us) has presented the Makin Waves Awards. This year, the award for Best Vocalist went to our own Brian Erickson, saying “Erickson’s vocals will shatter your heart, if not glass.” Thanks to The Aquarian and to author Bob

December 10, 2018 in News, Press, Releases, Tour

Release Show Review from YDKJ

“…If indeed The Paper Jets have played their last show then guitarist/vocalist Brian Erickson, lead guitarist Mike Virok, bassist Scott Austin Miller and drummer Frank Lettieri Jr. can take comfort knowing that they not only played one of their best shows ever but did so on the same day they released one of the best

December 7, 2018 in News, Tour

10 Years Culminates With Reunions, Epic Release Show

On Friday December 7, The Paper Jets ended a ten year run with a headlining release show at Asbury Lanes. Hundreds gathered for what may well be the band’s final performance and they did everything but disappoint. In a kinder universe, this show would have been the start something bigger; the next phase for a

December 4, 2018 in News, Press, Tour

Band Hints at Long Break in Interview

During an interview leading up to the release of Everyday Forever, Brian Erickson and Frank Lettieri Jr. dropped a pretty big bomb: The Paper Jets may well be through after the record comes out. Erickson asks sardonically, “Who is just dying to see us tour and release records? Sometimes you’ve gotta just say ‘no thanks’ and