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10 Years Culminates With Reunions, Epic Release Show

On Friday December 7, The Paper Jets ended a ten year run with a headlining release show at Asbury Lanes. Hundreds gathered for what may well be the band’s final performance and they did everything but disappoint.


In a kinder universe, this show would have been the start something bigger; the next phase for a band who has seemed both poised, and ready, for a while yet. Instead, it served as a cap-off to a sometimes-frustrating, frequently-interesting, never-boring decade that included four records, four tours, five festivals, and nine members.

As the show progressed, The Paper Jets ran through the best of their entire catalogue, featuring several cuts from their latest album Everyday Forever alongside longtime staples “Set of Rules,” Lena Lena,” and “Atlantic City.”

Photo by Matt Nash

The performance took a turn toward the sentimental when, for the first time since January 2011, Bill Lambusta joined his former bandmates on stage for the final suite of songs. Then, before the band’s final number, manager Bill Greenwood, former keyboardist Kristen Leu, and longtime collaborator Jeff Fiedler also got on stage!

If this is the band’s final show, they couldn’t have pulled it off any better.


The Paper Jets at Asbury Lanes Set List (with Album Title):

1. CC It’s Not Me – Everyday Forever

2. Wonderful Love – Everyday Forever

3. Say I Can – Everyday Forever

4. #Lena Lena – We Are All Strange Friends

5. Elizabeth Distressed – Almost Nine

6. *Atlantic City – My Hometown: A Tribute to NJ (Bruce Springsteen cover)

7. Friends of Friends – We Are All Strange Friends

8. Jo Don’t Let Me – Almost Nine

9. Up to You – Everyday Forever

10. Go On Go On – Everyday Forever

11. Charlie It Can’t Be Done – Everyday Forever

12. *+Two & Two – Face Forward

13. +%Set of Rules – We Are All Strange Friends

14. +Cooking Up An Accident – We Are All Strange Friends

15. +^All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers cover


#Scott Austin Miller – lead vocals

*Frank Lettieri Jr – lead vocals

+Bill Lambusta – guitar

%Brittney Dixon – lead vocals

^Jeff Fiedler, Kristen Leu, Chris Dubrow – backing vocals

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