2016: Nominated: Best Indie/Alt-Rock Band

(Asbury Music Awards)

2015: Nominated: Best Alternative Rock Band

(Asbury Music Awards)

2014: Top 25 Local Band

(Radio 104.5-FM, Philadelphia)

2013: Top 20 NJ Album of the Year

(Jersey Beat Magazine)

“The Paper Jets have brains, chops, hooks, soul and – as should be obvious – a very bright future. Are [they] the best rock band to come out of Princeton since Saves The Day? They’re certainly heading in that direction.”
Jersey Beat


“The Paper Jets pick colors from across the rock and roll palette, somehow sounding new and old simultaneously while never failing to deliver solid songs with a great lead singer.”
Star News Online


“The Paper Jets have split the powerpop atom and created a fusion of guitar-heavy rock and infectious grooves.”
–  Popa’s Tunes


“Strong, intelligent lyrics and a Beatlesesque sound.”

– Makin Waves


“I would say this night was a warm up, though I would have never known if I did not hear it from them. They were tight, polished and sounded as though they have been gigging all along.”
– Speak Into My Good Eye (after the band’s first post-hiatus performance)


“Rock bands that make it big are becoming about as rare as displays of humility by Kanye West, but that isn’t stopping the Paper Jets from rocking in the style of such bands as Cheap Trick, Weezer and Spoon.”

The Princeton Packet


“A soundscape that is quite different from the dullness clogging modern music.”

Infectious Magazine


“Armed with a unique blend of alternative rock and powerpop, [The Paper Jets] have been favorably compared to the likes of Ben Folds and Cheap Trick while maintaining a sound that is entirely their own.”
Infectious Magazine


“Hooks you in with a ridiculously infectious chorus line and the kind of acutely drilled three chord assault that’ll leave your jaw dropped in affection.”
The Sunday Experience


“This musically diverse group definitely hit the nail on the head when it came to making a terrifically entertaining record.”

The Aquarian Weekly


“The songwriting hits the spot in a smart and concise manner. Best of all, there’s a vitality and urgency evident throughout that’s a totally invigorating blast to hear.”
Jersey Beat, named one of New Jersey’s Top 20 Albums of 2013


“This [‘Set of Rules’] video is hilariously AWESOME. Remember the movie Josie and the Pussycats? That’s all I can think about when I watch this one.”
Radio 104.5, named one of Philadelphia’s Top 25 Local Bands of 2014


“It’s Only Talk” song premiere and Hurricane Sandy benefit announcement
HITS Daily Double


“Though the songs on We Are All Strange Friends draw on feelings of loss and frustration, the pop energy and lively production remain front-and-center throughout the album, often in stark contrast to the songs’ introspective lyrics.”
The Times of Trenton


“Not only are The Paper Jets very talented musicians, but they exude good vibes and have an attitude that doesn’t take itself too seriously while still putting across a musical landscape that has brought them to some of the top venues in the region.”
The Aquarian


“The bubbly power pop hooks and sharp-witted song styles found in these Garden State melody makers are a ray of sunshine to the usual agro-aggressive fare we get each weekend around these parts.”
The Trentonian


“Lyrics are earnest yet catchy and the harmonies are pitch-perfect! Face Forward earns a 91/100!”
The Newark Rock Examiner


“This is the most delightful power pop you will find in any neighborhoods in 2010. ‘Down’ and ‘Two and Two’ jump out as songs among a number that could be lost classics. Luckily, The Paper Jets alive and functioning so you still have time to appreciate them.”
Dusty Books & Pictures

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