February 4, 2016 in News

Watch the ‘Full Count’ Pilot (And Listen to the Theme Song)

February 2, 2016 saw the premiere of a new TV pilot called, ‘Full Count,’ for which our own Brian Erickson has written and performed the theme song.

The show, which chronicles the follies of a city restaurant softball team called the Bread Sox is the brainchild of comedian Rob Ryan and 186 Productions.  Erickson was brought on board to pen the theme song back in the Fall.  The late Tim Ryan (Rob’s older brother) contributed incidental music to the program, as well.

Paper Jets manager Bill Greenwood was also on hand at the premiere, along with Brian’s longtime girlfriend (and band photographer) Amanda Guthrie.

The show will tour the festival circuit, be pitched to various networks, and will make its Los Angeles premiere in the coming weeks.

The ‘Full Count’ pilot is now up and available for viewing. Brian’s theme song starts at the 21:56 mark. But don’t skip ahead; watch the show first!

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