December 9, 2014 in News, Press, Releases

‘Strange Friends’ Special Edition Available Now!

Many eagle-eyed Paper Jets fans noticed that, back in January when we originally released We Are All Strange Friends, the album wasn’t available on Bandcamp. Well, surprise! We’re remedying that problem and going one step further. We’ve just released a special edition of the record with four bonus tracks exclusive to Bandcamp, which you can download right now. And if that’s not enough, we’re dropping the price for the full album down to $4.99 through the rest of December. It’s our way of saying thank you to all our incredible fans, who have made 2014 the best year yet for The Paper Jets!

Here’s what you’ll get:

– Original 11-track album, featuring “Cooking Up an Accident” and “Set of Rules,” in the quality and format of your choosing
– Live recording of “Set of Rules” from Radio 104.5’s Live @ 5 radio show
– Live acoustic recording of “Misinformed” from Quiet Please radio show
– Studio demo recording of unreleased track “Adele”
– Studio demo recording of unreleased track “Strange Friends Pt. II”

You can download your copy now by clicking here. We’ll also be posting track-by-track stories and reminiscences from Brian covering every track on the record over the coming days. Stay tuned to for that!

So, enjoy the album, stream/buy the bonus tracks if you have it already, and have an amazing holiday!

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