July 15, 2016 in News

Recording Updates

It’s been a minute since our last big update but just because we haven’t said much doesn’t mean we haven’t been extremely productive. When we put the band on ice after last Summer’s tour of the Northeast, we had originally planned to have our record done, ready and released by this coming Fall. It may still be done and ready, but its release status got called into question for reasons both good and bad. The bad of course being that – if you hadn’t deduced by the pictures or possibly from seeing us at one of our (admittedly infrequent) live appearances this year – our long time bassist and friend Scottie isn’t in the group anymore. His slot has since been filled by Miller, late of Evangelina & the Boys (the same band we plucked our guitarist Virok from, actually). Jets & the Boys, we suppose.


Frank and Engineer Alex Santilli at Spice House Sound in Philadelphia

Logistically, the labor of learning all the new songs, losing a member, looking for a replacement, and then teaching said replacement material both old and new became Priority #1 for us this past Winter. Under different circumstances, we’d likely have been finished recording by the time we actually started, given these changes. The good is that Miller has proven himself to be a quick study and as such, we’re not that far behind. And so our brave Jets fly forward.

Recording is well-underway with Miller and Frank both locking in to provide a rhythm section the likes of which The Paper Jets have never seen. Regarding our album proper (still called Everyday Forever for those sticking around to complete the survey), the aforementioned rhythm section has largely done its due diligence as we patiently await the return of Virok (who has spent time out in Los Angeles working on a special project) to lay down his guitar parts. We’ve got a few good guests lined up for the record, too!

So thank you all for sticking with us during what has turned out to be a trying – but ultimately rewarding – year thus far. We’ve got a few shows this Summer, and will likely add to that before the nights get too short again. Then before you know it we’ll be all the way back, new record in hand ready to hoist our glasses, drop the needle on Everyday Forever and celebrate in unison the start of something new and exciting!

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