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Brian’s Yarnspinners Set is Now Available

YSlogo1400_2Back in October, our very own Brian Erickson got together with another Brian.  Brian David Rothenbeck, that is, who hosts the Yarnspinners Music Podcast.  Our Brian chronicles his decade (!) in music by digging deep into the catalog; playing songs that haven’t graced the concert hall in years.  Along the way, he starts talking.  He talked so much that Rothenbeck, gracious host as he is, suggested a two-part episode.

So what we get here is Part I which covers roughly the first half (2005 – 2008) of Erickson’s proverbial journey through the past.  He speculates on what it would have taken for him to quit his college band, why it is that he contributed to the downfall of Borders Books & Music, and discusses more serious topics like failed relationships, leaving home, and losing a parent.

You can also listen to Brian make liberal use of the F-word over the course of this 43-minute episode by clicking this link.

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