September 1, 2016 in News, Releases

Brian Talks Scene, Plays New Song

013152_2f57c1f5f45f40ff9623f126794049c7-mv2Brian Erickson was recently featured on the¬†fantastic 25 O’Clock Podcast. He spoke at length to host Dan Drago about his own Great Albums podcast, handling criticism, and the wealth of high-quality female-centric bands coming out of the local music scene.

In addition, Erickson performs a new Paper Jets song called, “Charlie It Can’t Be Done.” He describes the song’s origins, and even gets into a little bit about the band’s forthcoming album,¬†Everyday Forever.

Technical Notes:
Brian’s portion of the program starts at about 6:00 and “Charlie It Can’t Be Done,” comes in around the 29:00 mark.

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