March 11, 2014 in News

Brian Solo EP Now Available!!!

From Insult to Injury, the pre-Paper Jets EP that Brian recorded (then shelved) back in 2005 is finally seeing proper release nearly 10 years later!  The singer explained that the formation of a nascent version of The Paper Jets is ultimately what caused the Insult sessions to cease.  “We kind of went all-in with the band,” he said.  “Frank had material, I had material,” he continued, “It didn’t always work in the context of the group…so we set all that aside and made the band our primary focus for a long time.”

Since then, Frank has released two albums under his Dust of Days moniker while Brian has remained mostly quiet on the solo front.  From Insult to Injury was picked up by Aqualung Records, a label which releases albums for The Sleeping Satellites Initiative, a collective of musicians and songwriters whose record sale profits benefit the Hands Together charity.

So where can we get the new album, JetsAdmin?  Well, friends, that’s a great question!  You can stream the entire album for free on BandCamp.  The album is fully-downloadable on a name-your-price basis.  Of course, we kindly ask for a small donation to help a great cause, but no matter what you decide to do, check the album out.  Listen, share, enjoy and – most of all – repeat!

Get the album here.


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