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Break From The Road; New Album News

TPJ_NiagaraHey everyone,

After a bit of soul-searching, The Paper Jets have decided to take some time off from the road.  While this isn’t common for us, we have good reason for it.  When you’re a band at this level, sometimes you get a little too caught up in the day-to-day, week-to-week grind of always being out there; always playing shows.  You lose focus of what motivates you in the first place: the desire to create.  And while there is a great deal of creativity that goes into a performance, I’m going to let you all in on a little secret.  Much of the music that would comprise We Are All Strange Friends as well as a portion of Almost Nine was recorded in August and September of 2011.  At that juncture, we had played exactly one full show as a trio.  We’ve done quite a bit of changing since then; we’ve experienced a good deal of success and growth which – up to that point – we didn’t think were possible for a band like The Paper Jets.  But as we stop to have a look around, we come back with this realization:  It’s time.

It’s time to document that change; to find a new adventure; to capture that which will help push us forward even more!  So with all that said, The Paper Jets will be headed into the studio to record a new album we’re calling, Everyday Forever.  We’ve teased some new music in the past few months.  Why allow ourselves to tire of this excitement?  Why let it sit any longer?

While the band is in the studio, I will likely play the occasional solo show.  Frank and his Dust of Days project are considering a few dates, as well.  So we’ll be around.  But when The Paper Jets proper take the stage again, you can be sure that a new album – and perhaps a few other surprises – won’t be far behind.

Be Well,


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