May 26, 2015 in News, Releases

‘Almost Nine’ EP Available Today!

We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time and are excited to say that the Almost Nine EP is available for purchase! You can grab your copy now at the FDR Label Bandcamp page.

The genesis of this record was the realization that many of the songs that have become staples of our live set have never been officially released in any capacity. “Elizabeth Distressed” and “Of an Extrovert” have been favorites of ours for years, and we hope you like the finished versions. From there, we couldn’t help but start writing again! So even if you’ve been following us for a while, “Brand New Shoes” will be new to you.

Finally, we wanted to pay tribute to our brother Tim Ryan, a former Jet who lost his life far too soon. The included cover of his song “Jo Don’t Let Me” is a true labor of love. If you like it, please go check out the rest of his solo album, Love at First Night. It’s a classic, hands down.

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