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New Song + EP Coming May 26 via FDR Label

Elizabeth Distressed ArtworkSurprise! It’s a brand spankin’ new track from yours truly, The Paper Jets! Our friends at Infectious Magazine are streaming “Elizabeth Distressed” right now. It’s an upbeat alt-rock tune with a pop soul, and you can listen to it by clicking here. You can also buy it on iTunes by clicking here or stream it on Spotify here.

Oh, but that’s not all. “Elizabeth Distressed” is but your first taste of our new EP, titled Almost Nine, which will be released on May 26! It’s a rock solid block of solid rock, and we can’t wait to share each and every track with you!

Finally, Almost Nine will be released by none other than the fine folks at FDR Label. That’s right, it’s our first label deal! They’re owned by Mick Chorba of The Successful Failures and Dipsomaniacs and have worked with some truly great musicians like Guided By Voices, Frank Black, and Matthew Sweet. We’re in most excellent company!

So go enjoy the song, and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

February 2, 2015 in Tour

Spring Dates Announced

We’re hitting the road this Spring for a round of dates that are shaping up to be pret-tay, pret-tay good! Here’s what we’ve got in store:

02.08.15 – Scarlet Pub – New Brunswick, NJ – 7pm – Brian solo

03.06.15 – WESS Radio – East Stroudsburg, PA – 1pm

03.13.15 – Radio 104.5 FM – Philadelphia, PA – 5pm – As part of their Live at Five program

03.13.15 – The Rail House – Rahway, NJ – 8pm

03.20.15 – WESS Radio Spring Jam – East Stroudsburg, PA – 9pm

04.10.15 – The Washington Monument (yes…that one) – Washington, DC – 12noon – As part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival

04.18.15 – The Record Collector – Bordentown, NJ – 12noon – As part of their Record Store Day celebration

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Jeff Fiedler Releases Third EP in Four Months

ghv2Coming hot on the heels of October’s surprisingly playful I’ll Believe It When I See It, and December’s relaxed Live on Air, Jeff Fiedler is issuing perhaps the most anticipated EP is his recent release campaign. Entitled Greatest Hits Volume II, this one is particularly special, as Fiedler announced the project an astounding nine years ago!

Containing three of Fiedler’s most well-known compositions (“Windsor Diaries,” “The Last Thing On My Mind,” and “Wrong”), GHv2 was produced by our very own Brian E, and features the late Tim Ryan, our former keyboardist, on lead single, “Last Thing On My Mind.”

The album drops on Tuesday January 13, 2015 via Fiedler’s Bandcamp page. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Windsor Diaries
2. Wrong
3. The Trouble With Love Is…
4. The Last Thing On My Mind (feat. Tim Ryan)
5. Pretty Little Head

EP Credits:
All songs written by Jeff Fiedler
Produced by Brian E & Jeff Fiedler
Mixed & Mastered by Brian Erickson
Additional engineering by Russ De La Torre

Jeff Fiedler – vocals, piano, guitar, drums
Brian E – backing vocals, lead guitar, bass
Tim Ryan – backing vocals, acoustic guitar on “Last Thing”

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Announcing: The Great Albums Podcast

Brian and our founding guitarist Bill Lambusta (who served in the band from 2008 – 2011) have launched a new podcast called, ‘The Great Albums.’ Having grown up in the 1990s – really the period where the full-length album had its last stand – the pair wax poetic on some of their favorite LP’s (Boys & Girls in America) as well as a number of accepted classics (Murmur, Dookie).

Episode One is posted and ready to roll. What album do they discuss? Click the link and find out!

The Great Albums: Episode One

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Brian E. Commentar-E: “Now You’re Gone” & “Getaway Car”

Happy Holidays, everybody! We’ve got two more tracks for Brian to tell you about today before we go on a short break for the holidays, but we’ll be back on January 2 for the last installment in this series, not to mention the last day you can buy our We Are All Strange Friends special edition for only $4.99! Anyway, today’s tracks include the Frank-sung rocker “Now You’re Gone” and the epic album closer “Getaway Car.” Enjoy!

“Frank’s third and final vocal on the album. We had a really hard time nailing the lyrics down, but the music existed in some form since 2008. Tim Ryan’s high-flying keyboards and spooky, discordant piano really bring this one to life for me.”

“I premiered this song at a solo concert called Quiet Please in January 2011. A general theme of loss and longing was beginning to be established across the album, and I started putting the song together that June. The time change and repetition was inspired by a song called ‘Ramble Tamble’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival: one of my favorite songs. The opening lyric was based on an old nursery rhyme my grandmother used to sing to me.”