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New Jeff Fiedler EP Available!

JF_EPJeff Fiedler’s new EP, I’ll Believe it When I See It is now available via Jeff’s Bandcamp Page. This five-song EP features Paper Jets Brian and Frank and is available on a pay-what-you-want basis. 100% of the proceeds benefit the Hands Together charity.

This is the first EP Jeff has released in over three years and the second of four planned studio EP’s. The first one, Zero Hour, was issued in August of 2011. The third and fourth – Greatest Hits Vol 2, and Still Stood Still, respectively – should be out in the coming months. But more on that some other time. Get out there and BELIEVE IT! Because Jeff’s got some new music!

October 21, 2014 in News, Releases

Brian Details New Collaborative EP

JF_EPHey everyone, Brian here with some details about the new EP, I’ll Believe It When I See It, that features myself alongside our main attraction, Jeff Fiedler.

Jeff sings lead, and plays drums and rhythm guitar throughout the EP. I play lead guitar and bass, and I sing backup. Jeff also insisted that I play saxophone on the final track, “Stutter Step,” which – for all you longtime fans out there – is a song that dates way back to 2006, when The Paper Jets were calling themselves The Invisible Solid. Minus one song (which I’ll get to), Jeff and I co-wrote and co-produced the entire thing!

Here’s the track-listing:

1. Mick Jagger Said It’s Okay – Jeff is primarily thought of as a piano-tickling balladeer but it’s hard to argue his skill as a rock vocalist when you hear this one. I actually don’t play guitar like a complete buffoon on this one, so there’s that.

2. Dress Down – This one dates back to my first-ever batch of songs written in 2004! Jeff always liked it and asked to rework and record it for this release. I wholeheartedly agreed to it! Frank Lettieri took over engineering for this track while I spent some time in Alaska. When I got back, Frank had put down some awesome lead guitar work of his own!

3. Sometimes Letters – Our old guitar-player Bill Lambusta called this our Hall & Oates song. I’d like to think of it as Hall & Oates via Don’t Tell a Soul-era Replacements. I deliberately tried to play a guitar solo that I thought Bill might have done.

4. What Else – Written by Drew Novelli (who also plays bass on the track), “What Else,” was – technically speaking – the final Invisible Solid song ever! Drew, Bill, and I cut a live demo of the song in December 2006, just weeks before the group’s breakup. The demo was recorded at the Darrah Lane House, where Bill and I took up residence (along with one-time bandmate Tim Ryan). It was a huge house (eight housemates in all) and friends seemed to always be coming and going. “What Else,” despite its themes of sadness and isolation, takes me back to that time at Darrah Lane.

5. Stutter Step – Of all the songs here, this is the only one we ever performed live! The Invisible Solid took this song on the road in the Spring of 2006, playing it exactly twice. The Paper Jets actually resurrected the song in March 2011 at a Binghamton University show. Since then, however, it has remained in the vaults…until now! It was Jeff’s idea to throw the saxophones on at the end; one which I enthusiastically approved of!

Jeff Fiedler – vocals, rhythm guitar, drums
Brian E – backing vocals, lead guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone
Drew Novelli – bass on “What Else”
Frank Lettieri Jr – lead guitar on “Dress Down”

Written, Recorded, Performed & Produced by Fiedler/Erickson except, “What Else,” written by Drew Novelli. Additional engineering and production by Frank Lettieri Jr.

So there’s our EP! Believe it, because it drops next week!!!

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Brian Launches Website

3312633_origOur singer/guitarist Brian E has launched (or, shall we say, re-launched) his very own website, musicalbrian.com. The website was active prior to The Paper Jets’ formation but went dormant and was shut down entirely shortly before the release of our first album, Face Forward.

The website will serve primarily as a home for Brian’s work as a producer. It will also include archival recordings, live and studio video clips, a new bio page, client list, and relevant news columns.

So go check it out here! And don’t forget that Brian isn’t the only Paper Jet with his own website. Frank and his Dust of Days project have one, too!

October 21, 2014 in News

Bootstrap Bandits EP Available NOW!

BB_EPWe are proud to announce the release of Silly Notions, the new EP by our friends Bootstrap Bandits. The EP – which features our own Frank Lettieri Jr in a guest drumming spot – is the primary songwriting vehicle for our longtime guitarist Bill Lambusta (who wrote and produced pretty much half our debut album, Face Forward). Joining him in this endeavor is newcomer Erin Lamy who puts her sugar-sweet alto over the four-song proceedings.

The EP is available via the group’s website and at all their shows!

October 6, 2014 in News

New Jeff Fiedler EP…Featuring Brian & Frank

JF_EPOur friend and frequent collaborator Jeff Fiedler will be releasing his new EP, I’ll Believe It When I See It, on Tuesday October 28th! The release is co-credited to our own singer/guitarist Brian E., who engineered and mastered the recording in addition to co-writing four songs, and providing backing instrumentation. Our drummer Frank also assisted with engineering and takes a rare turn on guitar.

Jeff will be releasing the EP via his Bandcamp page.

October 1, 2014 in News

Remembering Tim Ryan

tim_lostThree years ago, we lost our friend, brother, and bandmate Tim Ryan in a fatal car crash. We continue to play his music to anyone willing to listen and we often perform his song, “Jo Don’t Let Me,” as part of our own live set list.

Last year, Tim’s family established the Tim Ryan Memorial Scholarship. It is an annual scholarship that honor’s the considerable legacy Tim left behind at his alma mater, Sachem High School North, as the first-chair viola player in the chamber orchestra, composer of the original score for the school’s Broadway Night production, and curator of the Hey Jude project, which brought together classmates and community members for a massive musical ensemble performance.

The scholarship awards $500 annually to a member of the Sachem community who shows particular proficiency in music, as well as the kind of passionate, unbridled zest for life that Tim so often displayed.

Contributors to the scholarship fund will receive a copt of Tim’s lone solo album, 2009′s Love at First Night. Go to www.timryanmemorialscholarship.com for more details.

September 24, 2014 in News

Bootstrap Bandits EP Gets Release Date

For those long-time Paper Jets fans wondering what our founding guitarist Bill Lambusta has been up to since his 2011 departure, you’re going to find out on October 14th when his new band, Bootstrap Bandits, releases its debut EP, Silly Notions.

The EP has been in the works for quite some time and features lead vocals by newcomer Erin Lamy with Bill providing nearly all the instrumentation himself. He did, however, recruit Frank to play drums. The pair recorded and mixed the EP at Frank’s own Fathead Studios.

The EP will be preceeded by a music video for lead single, “Guerilla Warfare,” which drops on September 30th.

Check out the Bootstrap Bandits website for additional information and details.

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The Paper Jets Get Bitter…Again!

The Paper Jets return to New York City’s The Bitter End on October 4th, 2014! We kick the evening off at 7:00 pm. Admission is $10 and it’s a 21+ show, so leave the kids home and get ready for a great night in the big city!

This will be the first Paper Jets performance since June, prior to Scottie breaking his collarbone. In the meantime, Frank went on a two-week Canadian tour with his Dust of Days solo project and Brian spent the Summer moonlighting as the piano-player in Jesse Elliot’s band. But The Paper Jets are back and ready to rock once more! So get ready, because this is just the first of a couple of big things to come!

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Scottie Heads to the DL

scottie_xrayScottie Maloney, our beloved bassist, will be heading to the Disabled List for 6-8 weeks due to an injury sustained during a football game. Scottie leapt into the air to pull down a game-saving interception when he landed awkwardly, breaking his collarbone in four places.

The good news: He held onto the ball and his team got the win!

The bad news: The Paper Jets will be going on an unplanned hiatus until our man gets better, lest Frank and Brian turn themselves into a powerpop White Stripes.

Our Weezer cover goes unaffected, as Scottie’s part was – thankfully – already put down. The remainder of the sessions will go as planned and we will reemerge in September better, stronger, faster and with more dexterous bass-playing than ever!

He heads in for surgery on Tuesday July 29th, 2014. Please send your thoughts, prayers, and good vibes out to him for a speedy recovery!

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Frank Eyes Solo Tour

frank_hatAfter a successful West Coast run last Fall, our esteemed drummer, Frank Lettieri Jr, is heading to Canada with his Dust of Days project this August.

At the moment, no dates or venues have been announced. We will be sure to post updates as soon as we receive them. In the meantime, Scottie and Brian await Frank’s return with baited breath.