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Jeff Fiedler Releases Third EP in Four Months

ghv2Coming hot on the heels of October’s surprisingly playful I’ll Believe It When I See It, and December’s relaxed Live on Air, Jeff Fiedler is issuing perhaps the most anticipated EP is his recent release campaign. Entitled Greatest Hits Volume II, this one is particularly special, as Fiedler announced the project an astounding nine years ago!

Containing three of Fiedler’s most well-known compositions (“Windsor Diaries,” “The Last Thing On My Mind,” and “Wrong”), GHv2 was produced by our very own Brian E, and features the late Tim Ryan, our former keyboardist, on lead single, “Last Thing On My Mind.”

The album drops on Tuesday January 13, 2015 via Fiedler’s Bandcamp page. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Windsor Diaries
2. Wrong
3. The Trouble With Love Is…
4. The Last Thing On My Mind (feat. Tim Ryan)
5. Pretty Little Head

EP Credits:
All songs written by Jeff Fiedler
Produced by Brian E & Jeff Fiedler
Mixed & Mastered by Brian Erickson
Additional engineering by Russ De La Torre

Jeff Fiedler – vocals, piano, guitar, drums
Brian E – backing vocals, lead guitar, bass
Tim Ryan – backing vocals, acoustic guitar on “Last Thing”

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Announcing: The Great Albums Podcast

Brian and our founding guitarist Bill Lambusta (who served in the band from 2008 – 2011) have launched a new podcast called, ‘The Great Albums.’ Having grown up in the 1990s – really the period where the full-length album had its last stand – the pair wax poetic on some of their favorite LP’s (Boys & Girls in America) as well as a number of accepted classics (Murmur, Dookie).

Episode One is posted and ready to roll. What album do they discuss? Click the link and find out!

The Great Albums: Episode One

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Brian E. Commentar-E: “Now You’re Gone” & “Getaway Car”

Happy Holidays, everybody! We’ve got two more tracks for Brian to tell you about today before we go on a short break for the holidays, but we’ll be back on January 2 for the last installment in this series, not to mention the last day you can buy our We Are All Strange Friends special edition for only $4.99! Anyway, today’s tracks include the Frank-sung rocker “Now You’re Gone” and the epic album closer “Getaway Car.” Enjoy!

“Frank’s third and final vocal on the album. We had a really hard time nailing the lyrics down, but the music existed in some form since 2008. Tim Ryan’s high-flying keyboards and spooky, discordant piano really bring this one to life for me.”

“I premiered this song at a solo concert called Quiet Please in January 2011. A general theme of loss and longing was beginning to be established across the album, and I started putting the song together that June. The time change and repetition was inspired by a song called ‘Ramble Tamble’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival: one of my favorite songs. The opening lyric was based on an old nursery rhyme my grandmother used to sing to me.”

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Brian E. Commentar-E: “It’s Only Talk,” “Set of Rules” & “Misinformed (Live Solo Acoustic)”

Brian takes on three tracks today: “It’s Only Talk” and “Set of Rules” from the album proper and “Misinformed (Live Solo Acoustic)” from our We Are All Strange Friends special edition bonus tracks. Make sure you head over to Bandcamp and grab a copy, if you haven’t already. It’s on sale for $4.99 through January 2!

“‘It’s Only Talk’ got its title from a King Crimson song called ‘Elephant Talk.’

“Jeff Fiedler, a collaborator of mine for years, wrote about half the song. We were pretty deliberate in our attempt to make a garage-y sounding song. Unbenownst to us, Led Zeppelin was liberally borrowed from in the opening riff. At the time of its recording, Frank called this the best snare drum sound he’d ever heard.

“HITS Magazine did a little piece on this song for us, which was pretty validating, too.”

“My attempt to write a Tim Ryan-esque song. There’s a version of ‘Set of Rules’ that exists as far back as 2010, four years prior to the album’s release. It went through a number of different arrangements before arriving at the final one. Frank was the mastermind behind our Josie & The Pussycats send-up music video for the song.”

“Taken from the ‘legendary’ Quiet Please performance where ‘Getaway Car’ and ‘Friends of Friends’ were also debuted, this version of ‘Misinformed’ is the first one to feature Tim Ryan’s new refrain. He dropped his famous, ‘I wrote you a new chorus,’ line the night before. I immediately loved it and began incorporating it into the song. And he was in attendance to hear it.”

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Brian E. Commentar-E: “I Said You Don’t”

It’s time to learn a bit more about “I Said You Don’t,” a track that features some excellent piano work from the late, great Tim Ryan. Read Brian’s thoughts below, then get the song along with the rest of our We Are All Strange Friends special edition for only $4.99 through January 2!

“My favorite Tim Ryan memory comes from the recording session for this song. He and I sat across the studio’s live room, Tim at an 1896 Steinway grand piano and I at a 1960s Fender Rhodes keyboard like Paul McCartney and Billy Preston during the Let It Be sessions. I was teaching Tim the song and we just vamped back and forth on it for a while so he could figure out his parts.”

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Brian E. Commentar-E: “Cooking Up an Accident” & “Friends of Friends”

Today, Brian takes on the first two tracks on We Are All Strange Friends proper: “Cooking Up an Accident” and “Friends of Friends.” Philadelphia-based fans will recognize the first track from Radio 104.5, which played the song for multiple weeks on its New Music Show. Princeton-based fans will recognize the latter from Princeton Community Television, where we performed the track on their Zombie Etiquette show while being menaced by several undead. Check ‘em out!

“If I had to choose, ‘Cooking Up An Accident’ would be my favorite Paper Jets song! It was written midway through 2011 alongside most of the other Strange Friends material and, for me, it was a declaration of my newfound sense of confidence as a singer and writer.

“After we released Face Forward, the band continued to mature, but until ‘Cooking Up an Accident,’ I felt like I had the most catching up to do. Frank and Scottie are stellar players and, while I’m still not the best guitarist in the world, as a singer, I needed to get myself up to snuff. ‘Cooking Up an Accident,’ I felt, was me telling the rest of the band, ‘I’m here now.’ Their response was pretty humbling, too: ‘Are there any more like this one?'”

“I did a lot of searching for a little while. ‘Friends of Friends’ was my commentary on, basically, the salesmanship(?) of dating. I’m as guilty in this as anyone.”

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Fiedler/Erickson Returns With Live EP

f_e_liveJeff Fiedler and our very own Brian Erickson return with a new EP entitled, Live on Air. This three-song live set, captured back in 2006, finds the pair in a casual, comfortable radio setting as they toss off a couple of favorites alongside a brand new song, “Start Making Sense,” (which would eventually appear on our 2011 compilation Sorta Bored in re-recorded form).

You can head over to Jeff Fiedler’s Bandcamp page to preview the full EP which is downloadable on a name-your-price basis!

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Brian E. Commentar-E: “Making Me Run”

Today, we’re focusing on the Frank-sung ballad “Making Me Run,” which you can find on our We Are All Strange Friends special edition. Remember that the full album is on sale over at Bandcamp for only $4.99 through January 2, so head on over and grab a copy if you like what you hear. In related news, we all like Frank!

“The last song to make the cut. I had just purchased a Fender Telecaster, plugged it in, and started layering parts over top of one another just for kicks. Out came this short little song. I showed it to Frank, who loved it and suggested we throw it on the record. I told him, ‘only if you sing it.'”

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Brian E. Commentar-E: “Set of Rules (Live)” & “Lena Lena”

We’ve got two new commentaries today from our esteemed lead singer Brian E. The first covers the live version of “Set of Rules,” a bonus track added to the We Are All Strange Friends special edition. The second provides some insight into live staple “Lena Lena,” for those curious about the titular character. Listen, read, and enjoy!

“When we walked into the Clear Channel studio at Radio 104.5 FM in Philadelphia in the middle of what was supposed to be a work day, it felt surreal; it felt like we made it! Everyone there was remarkably kind and treated us with generosity and respect which, as a band on our level, almost never happens.

“The sound engineer was impressed, saying he hadn’t heard anyone hit high notes like me since The Darkness had performed there. Not sure how I should take that.”

“Guess what………………………………………..there is no Lena!”

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Brian E. Commentar-E: “Father’s War”

Today’s We Are All Strange Friends track commentary focuses on “Father’s War,” one of the band’s most experimental songs. It’s got duet vocals, a jazz piano breakdown, a ripping guitar solo, and a whole lot of awesomeness! Read below to see Brian’s reflections on how the track came together, then head over to Bandcamp to buy the Strange Friends special edition. It’s only $4.99 through January 2!

“This one started as a seven-verse poem about jealousy and revenge. And the piece of music that accompanied it was nine minutes long. Jeff Fiedler came in and helped me cut it down to a fairly acceptable pop song length. All the lyrics are still there (slightly rearranged) and Frank just NAILED his part. This is among my favorite songs on the whole album. If only we had another five or six members in the band to help bring it to life in a live setting.”