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“We Are All Strange Friends” Tracklisting!

You’ve been waiting long enough, and it’s now time to start doling out info on our debut full-length album, We Are All Strange Friends! Keep an eye on this post over the next several weeks, as we’ll be revealing the tracklist one song per day along with a sample of each. We’re really excited to start sharing these songs with you, and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we did making them.

March 25 – Well, we have arrived at the end of our little journey, as it’s time to reveal the final track on We Are All Strange Friends! Said track will be “Getaway Car,” which can only be described as an epic finale. Just listen to the clip, see for yourself, and understand that that’s just 30 seconds of this song. The full version will melt your briz-ain! Thanks for sticking with us through these announcements, and stay tuned for even more big news!

March 22 – Cannot believe we’re almost at the end already! Track 10 will be “Misinformed,” a big ol’ dark number that I (Bill G.) think sounds like a nervous breakdown in all the right ways. Come and get the feelz! We’ll be taking a short break over the weekend, then hitting you with the final clip from the album on Monday. Stay tuned!

March 21 – Track 9 will be “I Said You Don’t,” which some of you might remember from an old acoustic demo we posted on our Facebook page something like a year and a half ago. It’s all grown up now, and we hope you like how it turned out!

March 20 – At Track 8, we go from our most mellow song to our most straight-up rock song, “Now You’re Gone.” Once again, Frank takes the mic for this one and absolutely kills it! But don’t take our word for it, take a listen for yourself.

March 19 – Time to slow things down for a second. The Frank-sung ballad “Making Me Run” will be Track 7 on the new album, serving as a brief comedown before we hit you with what is probably our hardest rocking song ever. Check back tomorrow for that one!

March 18 – And we’re back with another new track! The sixth song on the new record will be “Father’s War,” which we’ve been throwing around in varying stages of completion for a while now. This is without doubt our most experimental song to date, with a jazz piano breakdown, ripping guitar solos, and duet vocals between Brian and Frank. We really hope you like how it all comes together!

March 15 – Screaming in at Track 5 is another song you hopefully know and love, “It’s Only Talk.” We previously released it as a Hurricane Sandy relief single, and you can still buy it on Bandcamp, where all proceeds will continue to be donated to the American Red Cross. Listen to the full album version below!

March 14 – “Lena Lena” will keep things rockin’ in the Track 4 slot. This track almost didn’t make the album but got saved by some very vocal people who love it unconditionally. This one’s for you!

March 13 – Track 3 will be yet another live staple, “Set of Rules.” This one is probably the poppiest song we’ve written yet and always seems to get the crowd moving. Hope you like the clip!

March 12 – Track 2 will be none other than live favorite “Friends of Friends.” As Brian often says in concert, this song is about “being someone’s arm candy” and not really digging it too much. Check out a clip below!

March 11 – Let’s kick things off with a bang! The lead track on the new album will be the previously released single, “Cooking Up an Accident.” We’ve done a bit of tinkering (that probably only we can hear), so it sounds even better now. Trust us! Listen to the full album version below.

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