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SORTA BORED Now on iTunes!

Our rarities album, Sorta Bored, is now available in the iTunes Store! Grab your copy here.

As you might remember, this album was previously available only on Bandcamp and as a CD bundle with our Bored in Town DVD. It’s still up on Bandcamp, and we also have a few physical copies of the bundle left that we will be selling at shows. But now you can get it from the world’s biggest music retailer, and it will also be available on Spotify, Amazon, and just about everywhere else very soon.

We decided to do this because we felt the songs on this album, while rarities, are good enough to deserve a proper release. And with the previous arrangement, the rarities album was becoming increasingly rare itself! Now, we can guarantee that these songs will be out there in the world getting a proper chance to thrive. We hope you all enjoy it, if you haven’t already!

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