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As work on the Brian-produced album I Gave You My All by Jesse Elliot wraps up, recording begins for Timid Roosevelts drummer Jaime Parker’s solo joint.  The as-yet-untitled project will feature Parker on vocals and drums, and guitars by Mike Virok and our very own Scottie Maloney.  Brian will be producing and playing the bass.

The last time Parker fronted a band was with Piper Maru back in 2007.  That group featured would-be Paper Jets Scottie Maloney on drums and Bill Lambusta on guitar.  After Piper Maru disbanded following a Northeast tour, Maloney and Lambusta joined The Paper Jets while Parker defected to The Timid Roosevelts.  “Things are coming full-circle for us,” says Maloney.  “It started with Jaime Parker’s band and we’re glad to help her out with something new.”


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