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New Single Available FRIDAY, MARCH 30!

“Cooking Up an Accident,” the first single from our new album We Are All Strange Friends, is comin’ at ya NEXT FRIDAY, March 30! The track will be available on iTunes, so make sure you head over and download it.

We feel like this song is the best possible introduction we can give you to the new album, as it mixes elements of our previous work with the new direction we’re taking now. It might take you by surprise, but definitely in a good way. So, thrill to Frank’s badass drumming! Jam out to Scottie’s bodacious bass! Rock yourself silly as Brian solos all over your face, then hits you with the high note! And then prepare yourselves for an album that’s head and shoulders above anything else we’ve ever done. WE CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR THIS!!!!

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