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Brian E. Commentar-E: “Now You’re Gone” & “Getaway Car”

Happy Holidays, everybody! We’ve got two more tracks for Brian to tell you about today before we go on a short break for the holidays, but we’ll be back on January 2 for the last installment in this series, not to mention the last day you can buy our We Are All Strange Friends special edition for only $4.99! Anyway, today’s tracks include the Frank-sung rocker “Now You’re Gone” and the epic album closer “Getaway Car.” Enjoy!

“Frank’s third and final vocal on the album. We had a really hard time nailing the lyrics down, but the music existed in some form since 2008. Tim Ryan’s high-flying keyboards and spooky, discordant piano really bring this one to life for me.”

“I premiered this song at a solo concert called Quiet Please in January 2011. A general theme of loss and longing was beginning to be established across the album, and I started putting the song together that June. The time change and repetition was inspired by a song called ‘Ramble Tamble’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival: one of my favorite songs. The opening lyric was based on an old nursery rhyme my grandmother used to sing to me.”

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