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Brian E. Commentar-E: “It’s Only Talk,” “Set of Rules” & “Misinformed (Live Solo Acoustic)”

Brian takes on three tracks today: “It’s Only Talk” and “Set of Rules” from the album proper and “Misinformed (Live Solo Acoustic)” from our We Are All Strange Friends special edition bonus tracks. Make sure you head over to Bandcamp and grab a copy, if you haven’t already. It’s on sale for $4.99 through January 2!

“‘It’s Only Talk’ got its title from a King Crimson song called ‘Elephant Talk.’

“Jeff Fiedler, a collaborator of mine for years, wrote about half the song. We were pretty deliberate in our attempt to make a garage-y sounding song. Unbenownst to us, Led Zeppelin was liberally borrowed from in the opening riff. At the time of its recording, Frank called this the best snare drum sound he’d ever heard.

“HITS Magazine did a little piece on this song for us, which was pretty validating, too.”

“My attempt to write a Tim Ryan-esque song. There’s a version of ‘Set of Rules’ that exists as far back as 2010, four years prior to the album’s release. It went through a number of different arrangements before arriving at the final one. Frank was the mastermind behind our Josie & The Pussycats send-up music video for the song.”

“Taken from the ‘legendary’ Quiet Please performance where ‘Getaway Car’ and ‘Friends of Friends’ were also debuted, this version of ‘Misinformed’ is the first one to feature Tim Ryan’s new refrain. He dropped his famous, ‘I wrote you a new chorus,’ line the night before. I immediately loved it and began incorporating it into the song. And he was in attendance to hear it.”

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