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Brian E. Commentar-E: “Cooking Up an Accident” & “Friends of Friends”

Today, Brian takes on the first two tracks on We Are All Strange Friends proper: “Cooking Up an Accident” and “Friends of Friends.” Philadelphia-based fans will recognize the first track from Radio 104.5, which played the song for multiple weeks on its New Music Show. Princeton-based fans will recognize the latter from Princeton Community Television, where we performed the track on their Zombie Etiquette show while being menaced by several undead. Check ‘em out!

“If I had to choose, ‘Cooking Up An Accident’ would be my favorite Paper Jets song! It was written midway through 2011 alongside most of the other Strange Friends material and, for me, it was a declaration of my newfound sense of confidence as a singer and writer.

“After we released Face Forward, the band continued to mature, but until ‘Cooking Up an Accident,’ I felt like I had the most catching up to do. Frank and Scottie are stellar players and, while I’m still not the best guitarist in the world, as a singer, I needed to get myself up to snuff. ‘Cooking Up an Accident,’ I felt, was me telling the rest of the band, ‘I’m here now.’ Their response was pretty humbling, too: ‘Are there any more like this one?'”

“I did a lot of searching for a little while. ‘Friends of Friends’ was my commentary on, basically, the salesmanship(?) of dating. I’m as guilty in this as anyone.”

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